Arthur Zarr’s Amazing Art Car:

Arthur Zarr is a quiet man with few friends. His life is rather plain, and his car is plain, too. But not for long! Mr. Zarr finds happiness and makes friends by building an amazing art car. In this whimsical story, children learn about recycling, community, friendship building, and the power of imagination. The colorful picture book includes a “History of Art Cars” page for readers who’ve never heard of this creative form of artistic expression.

Uniting Faith, Medicine and Healthcare: 

This is the first comprehensive history ever written about The Institute for Spirituality and Health, located in the Texas Medical Center, which today is the largest medical complex in the world. The nonfiction chronicle covers the years from 1955, the year the non-profit Institute was founded, until 2015, when the book was published. Today, the mission of the ISH is to increase knowledge of and sensitivity to the role that spirituality plays in health and in healing.

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