Hi friends! I’ve been writing stories and such since I was a kid. Today I’m writing and publishing children’s booksand talking about it to elementary students at schools throughout Houston and beyond. My company is called Twenty-Eight Creative, and I launched my first picture book, Arthur Zarr’s Amazing Art Car, in 2016. My next project will be a middle-grade book (for ages 8-12), and I’m currently querying literary agents to see if I can find representation. (I’ll keep you posted on that!). I’m outlining a second and third middle-grade book, and I have another picture book manuscript as well. So much to do!

I was born in New Orleans while my father was in medical school. I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana, but also lived in Key Biscayne, Florida, and Norfolk, Virginia, for part of my childhood years. I’m the second-oldest of five children; my parents are still together after 58+ years!

I worked for my high school’s High Life newspaper at C.E. Byrd in Shreveport. In college, I got my first job that actually paid me money to write! I was a journalism major at Baylor University and worked as a reporter and copy editor for The Lariat, the daily forwebcollege campus newspaper. My professional career in writing began in 1985 when I was hired as a Staff Reporter at The Times in Shreveport. I also wrote freelance feature stories for Forum Magazine in Shreveport for many years.

After those stints in journalism, my career moved on to the field of public relations. I worked at The Plastic Surgery Center, Schumpert Medical Center, Louisiana State University-Shreveport and Columbia Highland Hospital. I moved to Houston, Texas in 1998 to take a job in writing/communications at Baylor College of Medicine in the Office of Development.

I married my hubby Kevin in 1998, and I took a break from the workforce for a few years to spend more time with our children. Mason is my oldest son, and Will is my youngest son. I also have two stepdaughters named Pamela and Katie. We live in Bellaire, Texas, which is a “city within a city” … aka/Houston. For fourteen years, I was lucky enough to raise a fluffy black and white dog (a Havanese!) named Cricket. She was blind (and quite adorable) for most of her life, and I happily functioned as Cricket’s seeing-eye-person until she passed away in August 2017. She lives on through my children’s book—Arthur Zarr’s Amazing Art Car—because my illustrator drew her cute mug into various scenes.

I started writing again when I was hired by The Institute for Spirituality and Health to write the 60-year history of this non-profit organization, located in Houston’s Texas Medical Center. Uniting Faith, Medicine and Healthcare took me 18 months to research/write, and it was published in 2015. The book is used as a marketing and communications tool, and all financial proceeds benefit the Institute (not me). I also earned a Master of Arts degree from Louisiana State University-Shreveport in 2013.

I’ll keep you posted on my projects. Thank you for visiting my website.